Rikova K,Guo A,Zeng Q,Possemato A,Yu J,Haack H,Nardone J,Lee K,Reeves C,Li Y,Hu Y,Tan Z,Stokes M,Sullivan L,Mitchell J,Wetzel R,Macneill J,Ren JM,Yuan J,Bakalarski CE,Villen J,Kornhauser JM,Smith B,Li D,Zhou X,Gygi SP,Gu TL,Polakiewicz RD,Rush J,Comb MJ. Cell. 2007-December. Vol 131. 1190-203. [pubmed]

Characterized tyrosine kinase signaling of 41 lung cancer cell lines using a phosphoproteomic approach. This experiment contains the cell line or sample used as a run type.

Tissue Lung

2016-12-12 21:28:47


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