Mertins P,Mani DR,Ruggles KV,Gillette MA,Clauser KR,Wang P,Wang X,Qiao JW,Cao S,Petralia F,Kawaler E,Mundt F,Krug K,Tu Z,Lei JT,Gatza ML,Wilkerson M,Perou CM,Yellapantula V,Huang KL,Lin C,McLellan MD,Yan P,Davies SR,Townsend RR,Skates SJ,Wang J,Zhang B,Kinsinger CR,Mesri M,Rodriguez H,Ding L,Paulovich AG,Fenyo D,Ellis MJ,Carr SA. Nature. 2016-June. Vol 534. 55-62. [pubmed]

Phosphoproteomics of 77 breast cancer patient samples from the TCGA.

Tissue Breast Cancer

2016-06-30 08:26:07


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