Mertins P,Yang F,Liu T,Mani DR,Petyuk VA,Gillette MA,Clauser KR,Qiao JW,Gritsenko MA,Moore RJ,Levine DA,Townsend R,Erdmann-Gilmore P,Snider JE,Davies SR,Ruggles KV,Fenyo D,Kitchens RT,Li S,Olvera N,Dao F,Rodriguez H,Chan DW,Liebler D,White F,Rodland KD,Mills GB,Smith RD,Paulovich AG,Ellis M,Carr SA. Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP. 2014-July. Vol 13. 1690-704. [pubmed]

Ovarian and breast human tumors were collected and placed under ischemic conditions. The classification of a phosphoprotein responsive to ischemia is set to TRUE (or 1) if a change was detected in one of the samples as a result of ischemia.

Tissue Breast Cancer
Tissue Ovarian Cancer
Environment Ischemia

2016-06-23 15:49:42


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