Moritz A,Li Y,Guo A,Villen J,Wang Y,MacNeill J,Kornhauser J,Sprott K,Zhou J,Possemato A,Ren JM,Hornbeck P,Cantley LC,Gygi SP,Rush J,Comb MJ. Science signaling. 2010-August. Vol 3. ra64. [pubmed]

Antibody-based enrichment of Akt, RSK, and S6 kinase substrates and subsequent monitoring of quantitative phosphorylation changes in cells treated with pathway inhibitors (SILAC). Data indicates ratio of L/H SILAC labels where H (heavy) is DMSO control. The run describes which condition was used.

Cell MKN-45
Cell H1703
Cell H3255
Drug rapamycin
Drug Iressa
Drug SU11274
Drug Gleevec
Drug wortmannin
Drug U0126

2014-08-27 08:52:20


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