Guo A,Villen J,Kornhauser J,Lee KA,Stokes MP,Rikova K,Possemato A,Nardone J,Innocenti G,Wetzel R,Wang Y,MacNeill J,Mitchell J,Gygi SP,Rush J,Polakiewicz RD,Comb MJ. Proceedings of the National Academy of Scienc. 2008-January. Vol 105. 692-7. [pubmed]

Supplementary Table 4, tyrosine phosphorylation profiling of seven lung cancer cell lines. Quantitative data represents number of times phosphopeptide was identified in PhosphoScan experiment.

Cell H358
Cell H1666
Cell H1734
Cell H1650
Cell H1975
Cell HCC827
Cell H3255

2014-06-27 12:43:34


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